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Osteopathic center in Geneva

Eaux-Vives Osteopathic Center


Rue Maunoir 11 

1207 Geneva  


Monday to Saturday

From 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


 +41 22 735 90 90

Are you looking for aosteopath in Geneva? Osteo'rive welcomes you from Monday to Saturday, between 7:30 a.m. and 9 p.m., according to your needs. Our firm can help you, whether in the context of prevention or treatment of back pain or support for chronic diseases. We offer you adapted and personalized services according to your situation. Whether you are consulting as an adult, teenager, senior, athlete, or during pregnancy, or even for your baby, our team is there to support you.


Do you suffer from headaches due to neck pain? Perhaps you are looking for something to relieve low back pain? At Osteo'rive, we are concerned about your well-being and we will listen to you carefully in order to calm your inflammation and blockages in the long term.

Massage du haut du dos


In a few words...

Osteopathy makes it possible to gently, naturally and sustainably treat many functional disorders linked to loss of mobility. Osteopathy is curative, but it is above all preventive: consult your osteopath at least once or twice a year.



One of the most recent treatments on the market and unique in Geneva. Thanks to it, disc decompression  can now be done very gently, using more than half the pressure than its competitors to perform decompression._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_The Osteo'rive Center completes this technology by offering you one of the most complete and complementary protocols, which combines computer-assisted decompression and monitoring by an Osteopath

Why consult an osteopath in Geneva? 

Did you know ? Consult aosteopathin a preventive framework is important.Osteopathyis not only curative. Going to an osteopath once or twice a year is essential for your health. This avoids an accumulation of tensions in the body or dysfunctions that could lead to pain. Keep agood physiological mobilityis key to staying in shape. The body adapts more easily in the event of trauma orstress.


What treatments are offered by your osteopathy center in Geneva?


Yourosteopathy centerToGenevahas the best to bring you quality care. We offer you one of the newest technologies on the market: the SpineMed spinal decompression table. you sufferherniated discor ofcervical hernia? Some pathologies that have become chronic can be difficult to bear on a daily basis. The decompression tableSpineMed Neurovertebralsacts gently on your discs and limits the inflammation of the nerves. With this method, the side effects of this type of therapy are reduced. An osteopath will be present to accompany you throughout the process, and will help you with mobilization andmuscle rehabilitation. This intensive and very complete treatment could well be the solution to reduce your chronic pain.

You arejock? Consult aosteopathin prevention is essential to prepare you for an event in order to approach it in calm conditions. In a framejock, bodily trauma quickly arrived. Easing tensions is crucial, as these are likely to build up. It can become chronic over time, so it's important to be careful.


If you encounterpainsduring your pregnancy such as sciatica or cruralgia for example, or even nausea, we can relieve you thanks to atreatment soft, which will help make you more comfortable.


Taking care of your baby is also possible, and can rid him of many ailments such as colic or regurgitation. THEnewbornsvery often undergo these sufferings and a precious help can be brought to this byosteopathy.


If you are a company, you know how important the well-being of your employees is. YourOsteo'rive centercan support your employees to stay healthy.Osteopathy in businessis simple and profitable. It avoids theprofessional diseasesand reduces thestressAtworkas well as body pain.


Do not wait any longer to takeappointment! Our team of osteopaths awaits you.

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