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Our osteopathy practice welcomes you in the heart of Geneva, a few meters from the water jet...

Come meet our crewosteopath in GenevaWho  will do everything possible to take care of you!



How does une  workosteopathy consultation?

The osteopathy consultation begins with un patient interview  allowing to identify the dysfunctions of his body, to target his antecedents as well as his risk factors, in order to establish links to better situate his  reason for consultation.

The clinical examination is conducted using des specific tests  on areas of the body with mobility restrictions that may affect health. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_osteopathic techniques  both structural and functional, facial and reflex, visceral and cranial.

For the effect of the consultation to last over time, we address questions of lifestyle and advise des physical stretching and postural exercises.

What happens during a session of osteopathy ?

The osteopath will doto begin with, a complete examination of the patient, as well as the necessary medical examinations.

He will then be able to precisely determine the indications and contraindications of his practice.

In asecond time, l'osteopath  carries out specific tests in order to detect areas of the body with movement restrictions that may affect the patient's state of health. Thanks to his expert hands, the osteopath will seek, find, harmonize all the structures disturbed in their mobility.

In alast time, l'osteopath  will then choose the most suitable techniques for each patient, depending on their age, morphology and history. Therapeutic gestures are the most comfortable and the most painless possible, they appeal to the specific mobility of each tissue.

Une osteopathic consultation durethree quarters of an hour to one hourand it is preferable, after une  osteopathy session, not to make violent efforts or sports, for 48 hours, so as not to disturb the good self-healing of the body.

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