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Disc decompression

THEintervertebral discsdamaged by herniated disc, bulging disc, sciatic nerve problem, disc degeneration, etc., are constantly under pressure and lead to chronic nerve inflammation and severe sciatic nerve pain.

Theredisc decompressionallows the reduction of the pressure inside by performing a pumping of the disc, which causes the suction of the nutrients inside it. This unique process facilitates the rehydration of the disc, its nutrition and its oxygenation, which allows it to resume its expansion and reduce the pressure on the nerves.

The Osteo'rive Center offers you one of the most recent technologies on the market:Spine-Med decompression


Thanks to this, decompression can now be carried out very gently, , using more than half the pressure than its competitors to perform decompression. This is made possible thanks to its anchorage which uses the weight of your body and has the effect of reducing the risks and the intensity of the side effects linked to the treatment.


The Osteo'rive Center completes this technology by offering you a complete and complementary protocol, which combines computer-assisted decompression and the follow-up of an osteopath, posturologist for the mobilization and rehabilitation of your muscles.

Disc decompression is an intensive treatment designed to improve specific, chronic conditions. However, it can be used in conjunction with osteopathy to help you get through a plateau period in the evolution of certain symptoms.


Do any of the following symptoms affect your quality of life and limit you in your daily activities?

To determine your eligibility for our care protocol, one of our practitioners will assess your condition. If disc decompression is not the best option for you, we will be able to direct you to the best option for your condition.

SpineMed demonstration

Unit price

1 session

CHF 100.-

Optimal package

20 sessions

CHF 95.-

Zen package

Postural assessment + Single session

CHF 200.-


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CHF 120.-

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