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Osteopathy practice in Champel

Osteopathy is atherapeutic disciplineregulated manual, the practice of which is governed by a fundamental principle: the well-being of the body depends on the proper functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system.


You will find at your osteopath in Champel a professional,graduate and certified, who will manipulate you using techniques such as twisting, stretching or pressure to relieve your pain related to a functional disorder and unblock your tension points. Your osteopath in Champel will offer you occasional or regular care, depending on the diagnosis he has established.

When to consult our osteopaths in Champel?

It may happen that an auscultation with your general practitioner is not enough to make a diagnosis or to relieve you, to the point that the discomfort is daily and increasingly difficult to bear.

Osteopathy can in this case be a goodcomplementary use of traditional medicine, which is why we advise you to consult one of our professionals if you recognize yourself in one of the following cases:

  • you suffer from back, lumbar, vertebral, rib or joint pain whether or not due to trauma.

  • you regularly suffer from headaches or dizziness.

  • you suffer from tendonitis or muscle pain.

  • you experience digestive problems, such as gastric reflux, bloating, gas, even nausea or constipation.

  • you are pregnant and your back hurts, with cruralgia or sciatica type pain.

  • Since birth, your infant has had certain disorders, such as colic, plagiocephaly, regurgitation, torticollis or sleep problems.

  • you are a sportsman, and you wish to consult an osteopath for preventive or curative purposes, to prepare for an important deadline or to help you regain mobility, after a shock or an accident.


First of all, do not hesitate to askadvice from your doctor(especially for the care of infants) who will be able to tell you if osteopathy sessions are actually recommended in your own case.

Consult an osteopath urgently in Champel

Particularly painful ailments can immobilize you. This is the case, for example, of lumbago or sciatica, whose acute pain can prevent you from driving to come to the office. In this case, an emergency consultation seems entirely possible. Please contact us by phone and answer a few questions that will allow us to establish an inventory of your state of health: depending on the intensity of your problems, an intervention at your home may be offered to you within a reasonable time. .

Find the right osteopath in Champel

Many of our practitioners arespecializedin some type of support. In order to choose the Osteo'rive osteopath most likely to suit you, please browse our Google My business page which will allow you to choose your practitioner according to your own specificities, according to your pain.

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