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CHF 120.-

45 minutes

Curative, preventive or simple assessment, osteopathy can help you in many spheres. 


CHF 120.-

45 minutes

The osteopath will perform a postnatal check-up and relieve your baby of colic, reflux, torticollis, flat head (plagiocephaly)… 


CHF 120.-

45 minutes

Osteopathy helps the elderly to maintain balance, tone and vitality  by acting on the mobility of the body. 

Children and Teenagers

CHF 120.-

45 minutes

Follow-up of your child, to avoid growth-related disorders and load bearing (schoolbag) with your osteopath.

Surcharge on public holidays and weekends

CHF 20.-


In Switzerland, osteopathy is considered a medicine of first resort. You can therefore directly consult an osteopath without a prescription, with some exceptions. complementary, alternative medicine) and does not depend on basic insurance (LAMal or LAA). there is no deductible for your complementary, only the base is concerned.

Our practitioners are accredited by theRegister of Empirical Medicines(RME), by theEGK, I'ASCA et are part of theSwiss Federation of Osteopaths(FSO).  As a result, sessions  are reimbursed by all health insurers  complementary natural or alternative medicines.

However, we recommend that you check with your insurance that your contract covers our services.  An invoice is given to you at the end of the session for reimbursement from your complementary health insurance. Sessions are paid for in cash during the consultation.

Osteopathy coverage in the event of an accident

The patient's accident insurance  can cover all or part of the osteopathy sessions.  As in the case of illness, the insured will sessions as they occur and will be reimbursed by their insurance. Even if the case is recognized as an accident by the insurance, the patient generally needs a_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_medical prescription to be entitled to reimbursement for his sessions.

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