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Osteopath Carouge

A discipline born in the 19th century, osteopathy makes it possible torelieve your painin a natural way, triggering a process of self-regulation that restores harmony and calm to your body. Qualified and approved practitioners, our expertise covers all areas: stomach or back pain, migraines, joint and muscle pain... Each patient being unique, our osteopaths available in Carouge adapt to your needs during the session. Usingmanual techniques, we will apply the appropriate gestures to relieve you, and this, in strict compliance with the 7 principles of bioethics to which we are subject.

When to consult an osteopathy practice in Carouge?

We receive at the Ostéorive officepatients of all agesand various issues: adults, children, infants, athletes and pregnant women, including seniors and company sessions. Everyone can benefit from osteopathy sessions in Carouge.

Several reasons can lead you to consult an osteopathic professional, the main one being abody discomfort or pain. Different areas of your body can be affected by these pains: back, head, stomach, joints, muscles...

Did you know ?

In some cases, osteopathy does not intervene in the context of pain but in a preventive manner. For example for:

  • Pregnancy: prepare the body for childbirth and follow up postpartum;

  • Infants: make a check-up after the birth of your baby;

  • Athletes: prepare the body for a sporting event and prevent injuries;

  • In business: prevent musculoskeletal disorders, which are largely responsible for occupational diseases and affect workers in all sectors.

Osteopath in Carouge: complete and individualized care

An osteopathy session represents severalsignificant benefits.

  • The patient is not reduced to a simple diagnosis. At Ostéorive, we approach the patient as a whole: lifestyle, history and environment in which he evolves are important indicators that we take into account.

  • The 45-minute sessions allow a quality exchange with our patients, without haste or hasty explanations.

  • The osteopathic consultation can be occasional or regular, and can be done in parallel with a medical follow-up.

In certain situations, it is advisable to consult your doctor before your appointment in an osteopathy practice (severe pain, associated fever). Your usual practitioner will be able to identify the ailments from which you suffer and recommend osteopathy sessions in practices such as Ostéorive if your case requires it.

Emergency osteopathy consultation in Carouge

Need an osteopathCarouge in emergency? Intense headaches, inflammatory pain in the back, colic and chronic illnesses can suddenly upset your daily life.

Ostéorive takes care of emergency patients forday and night operations,as well as the weekend.

Delays are based on the situation, ranging from the same day to the following night. Depending on your condition, our osteopaths will offer you sessions at home or in the office.

The request for an emergency appointment is made by telephone. During the call, you will be asked questions to assess the situation. In your interest, and if our professionals deem it necessary, a reorientation towards other medical services will be prescribed.

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