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Everything you need to know about an osteopath Cologny

By performing manual gestures, an osteopath in Cologny is able to cure various physical disorders, including back pain. In addition to curative treatment, osteopathy can play a preventive role, especially during pregnancy. Very effective, this practice provides many benefits to our body.

What are the main functions of an osteopath in Cologny?

Health specialist, an osteopath has in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. With consultation method, it can give a comprehensive approach on the person undergoing the treatment.

An osteopath in Cologny practices a manual medical discipline acting on diseases of the neuro-locomotor or neuro-musculoskeletal system. The therapist also treats:

  • digestive discomfort;

  • imbalance of the cardiovascular system;

  • otolaryngological and pulmonary disorders;

  • dysfunction of the genitourinary system;

  • neurological disorders.

By treating functional disorders upstream and discovering the causes of pain, osteopathy aims to restore the proper functioning of the body.

When should you go to a Cologny osteopath?

Undisputed professional in his field, an osteopath in Cologny treats several disorders. In the case of low back pain, back pain and various joint pains, the best solution is to consult a chiropractor.

As we mentioned earlier, osteopathy is beneficial for health. This method of treatment can alleviate various disorders such as asthma and stress. By reducing physical tension and chronic pain, this practice removes certain obstacles causing sleep imbalance.

Designed for everyone, the consultation with an osteopath in Cologny is suitable for children, adults and pregnant women. For the latter, osteopathic treatment is used as prevention. Indeed, it helps to relieve sciatic pain and to replace the pelvis to facilitate childbirth.

What are the methods used by a Cologny osteopath?

Although osteopathy is very well known for treating back pain, it is also practiced on other parts of the body. A Cologny osteopath uses techniques based on the handling of the structures of the bones and muscles of the human body. Depending on the illnesses of the patients, the techniques used vary from light massage to mobilization of the joints.

In order to discover the problems, the practitioner makes an examination of the joints, muscles and tissues of the patient. Thanks to this observation, he will identify any changes in muscle tone or temperature during touch. By following an osteopathic treatment, these muscles can regain the state of balance that brings them vitality.

Osteopathy is a discipline that takes into account the body as a whole. During his vitality assessment, an osteopath in Cologny is required to find the location of the "osteopathic lesions". Caused by various phenomena, they present themselves by causing a loss of mobility of the muscular structures. To discover the exact location of these lesions, the chiropractor uses the pressure technique and examines the different frameworks of the body.

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