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Annemasse Osteopath

Your active osteopath in Annemasse is a specialized professional who will be able to treat a large number of ailments. Graduated and approved to practice the profession, we are the best interlocutor you can have in case of back pain, digestive disorders, migraines and other pathologies likely to affect you. Depending on your needs in terms of osteopathy, the consultation of an osteopath in Annemasse can be occasional, regular or in addition to medical monitoring.

When should you consult a good osteopath in Annemasse?

The reasons that can lead you to come to our osteopathy practice are multiple. Long reserved for the treatment of back problems, osteopathy now concerns several types of problems. This is possible thanks to different osteopathic specializations that have emerged in recent years. Thus, you can consult Osteorive for:

• Prevent and treat pain in athletes
• Relieve digestive pain, namely colic, constipation or nausea,
• treat disorders in babies, children and teenagers
• Prevent and relieve certain pregnancy ailments
• Relieve menstrual pain and endometriosis,
• To treat migraines, stress, anxiety, etc.

We can then say that everyone is affected by osteopathic treatment. But before making an appointment for osteopathy sessions, it may be recommended to first seek the advice of the attending physician. The latter will be able to identify the need to follow such sessions and recommend an osteopath like Ostéorive

Osteopathic emergency in Annemasse

Your active osteopath in Annemasse can also take care of emergency interventions. These include the case of back blockages, sciatica, severe pain related to a chronic pathology such as endometriosis or Crohn's disease. Osteorive is able to take care of you quickly.

In general, emergency osteopathic consultations are carried out within hours of your request, at your home or at the professional's office, depending on the situation. As soon as you call, Ostéorive your osteopath will ask you questions to find out more about the type of pain that affects you and its intensity to intervene quickly.

Depending on the information you give us, we can intervene immediately during the day or at night to relieve you as quickly as possible and in a natural way. If in doubt about the effectiveness of osteopathic treatments in your case, we may also recommend that you contact another branch of service.

Find the right osteo in Annemasse


Your needs will serve as the best references for choosing the right osteo in Annemasse. Indeed, we do not contact the same professional according to your situation. Indeed, you must be attentive to the skills of the practitioner. To be sure, you can read Ostéorive's reviews on our Google My Busines page.

Also, first ask yourself good questions about why you want to contact us. Could it be back pain, sciatica, digestive disorders, endometriosis or something else? What type of patient wants the intervention of osteo? A baby, a child, a teenager, an adult, a senior, a pregnant woman or an athlete?

Osteorive is at your disposal.

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