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Osteopath Douvaine

Osteopathy, what is it?

Osteopathy is a medical specialty that focuses on pain related to bad body positions and muscle tension. Your osteopathic doctor in Douvaine can help you relieve your physical pain by considering the body as a whole. Indeed, the originality of osteopathy is to address health problems based on overall physical characteristics.

Thanks to osteopathy, you can thus relieve chronic migraines, back or stomach pains. These health problems can lead to more or less long-term consequences and are often caused by small traumas due to bad habits imposed on the body. These characteristics mean that your Douvaine osteopath is best able to treat you, regardless of the kind of pain that you can no longer bear on a daily basis.

What does an osteopath treat?

An osteopath can take care of various health problems. Before any specialist in body pain, he specializes in the entire human body. Whether it is for regular or more temporary pain, whether these tensions concern a specific part of your body or extend to several muscles, an osteopathy specialist in Douvaine can help you.

The causes of pain are varied. Stress, bad habits or ergonomics at work or in everyday life can indeed make the body suffer. You have probably already woken up one morning and felt a sharp pain that you identified as a false movement. This is typically the kind of pain treated by an osteopath.

Can everyone get a consultation with an osteopath in Douvaine?

Osteopaths can treat many people: adults, women and men, the elderly, invalids and even children and infants! Osteopathy is particularly useful for people of a certain age or the youngest, because their body undergoes changes due to old age or growth.

Sometimes these physical changes can cause slight trauma to certain parts of the body and will therefore cause more serious problems. A little pain can prevent you from sleeping properly and even make you irritable. It can also cause postural problems such as torticollis, numbness or cramps. If you have these symptoms, do not hesitate to go to your osteopathy practice in Douvaine.

How does a session with an osteopath work?

On average, the duration of a session is one hour. The first thing your osteopath will do is a general health diagnosis. Secondly, the osteopath will carry out a series of tests to better identify the source of the problem. Finally, he will prescribe a treatment that will be different depending on your pain and the origin of the problem.

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