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Osteopath Savigny

Osteopathy is a complementary or alternative medicine that aims to assess, treat and prevent a range of health conditions using a combination of movement, stretching, targeted deep tissue massage and manipulation of the patient's joints and muscles. .

The purpose of this medicine is not only to improve function, but also to relieve pain and aid recovery. Your osteopath in Savigny will thus aim to promote the restoration of normal function by helping the body's natural ability to maintain itself.

When to consult an osteopath in Savigny?

Many people think that visiting an osteopathy practice in Savigny is only recommended when you have pain in the spine, knees, etc.

However, many people choose to consult an osteopath rather than their family doctor for a whole range of health problems. The osteopath of Savigny generally intervenes to treat lumbar problems, including spinal stenosis. You can also consult this professional for:

  • prevent and treat pain related to the practice of a sport;

  • relieve digestive pain such as constipation, nausea or colic;

  • treat disorders in babies, children and adults;

  • prevent and relieve certain pregnancy ailments;

  • relieve endometriosis and menstrual pain;

  • treat stress, migraines, anxiety, etc.

In other words, osteopathic care is for everyone.

Why our osteopathy practice in Savigny?

Graduated and approved to practice the profession, we have a proven approach to relieve and treat your various pains. During the first treatment, our osteopath in Savigny will take the time to discuss everything in order to understand the cause of your problem. Lifestyle factors, occupation, past injuries or illnesses are all relevant.

The goal is to establish a diagnosis and find a therapeutic approach that will suit you best. Your osteopath will then observe your usual posture and the simple movements of the spine. Specific joints are studied in more detail to assess their ability to move.

Other tests can be used on the example of reflexes. We will then establish a present and future treatment plan, and give you advice on personal care, lifestyle and exercises to practice. We are also at your disposal for all your problems ofemergency osteopathy in Savigny.

How to find the right osteopath in Savigny?

There are various techniques that osteopaths can use to achieve the desired result. This sometimes makes it difficult to choose the osteopathy practice in Savigny with the right therapeutic approach for you. Tell yourself that when you have found the right one, you will know it! Do not hesitate to inquire.

The easiest thing to do when looking for an osteopath in Savigny is to ask your relatives or your doctor. If you know someone who has seen an osteopath recently, ask them if they like their professional's approach and if they feel they have helped them. Anyway, Ostéorive remains at your disposal.

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