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Osteopath Chêne-Bourg

Our team of qualified osteopaths is at your disposal in Chêne-Bourg and its surroundings to bring you well-being and relieve the various ailments from which you suffer at the muscular level and, in a broader way, all that relates to the bodily functions. Professional and attentive, our osteopaths will take the time to examine with you what are the best manipulations to bring to your body depending on whether you are in a preventive approach, regular consultation or in addition to other treatments. in a totally personalized way.

Chêne-Bourg osteopathy, why consult us?

Beyond back problems, many reasons can lead you to consult an osteopath. You should already know that osteopathy can be recommended for all types of people, whether you are an elderly person or a child, a pregnant woman or a person with reduced mobility, a high-level athlete or simply in good health but concerned to preserve it.

Consulting an osteopath in Chêne-Bourg does not only apply when the pain or discomfort is already present, it is also strongly recommended to consult an osteopath on a regular basis, even if you are in good health, in order to prevent all future problems or detect them and prevent them from getting worse. Here is a non-exhaustive list of symptoms for which your osteopath in Chêne-Bourg can help you:

  • Sprains, lumbago, torticollis and certain types of rheumatism.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

  • dyslexia and learning difficulties, colic in babies, babies who cry regularly, insomnia, trouble concentrating, tinnitus, sinusitis, ear infections and certain types of headaches.

  • Bone and muscle support and reinforcement following an accident.

  • Back pain for pregnant women.

It goes without saying that the opinion of your attending physician will be essential and it will be advisable to have recourse to his advice so that he can guide you as best as possible, depending on the type of condition from which you suffer.

Chêne-Bourg osteopathy, our emergency service

Our emergency service is available day and night, weekends included, to intervene in Chêne-Bourg or nearby. It may happen that you are unable to move in cases of back blockage, sciatica and other lumbago for example or during aggressive migraines making you unable to get to our office.

In this type of situation, all you have to do is contact us by telephone and, after a few questions to better understand your problem, we will intervene directly at your home and as soon as possible in order to administer the appropriate treatment or we will offer you an appointment. you to our office. It is also possible that our intervention, depending on the seriousness of the problem, only consists of referring you to specialists who are better equipped to treat the ailments from which you suffer and for which osteopathy will be ineffective.

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