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GAILLARD osteopath

Your healthcare professional practicing in Gaillard relieves many ailments. Thanks to his diploma and his habilitation, he is able to neutralize your back pain, your migraine or your digestive disorders just with his hands. Depending on the degree of your pain, he evaluates the frequency of his consultations to improve your health. The osteopath can advise you as part of a medical follow-up.

For which pathologies to consult an osteopath in Gaillard?

A consultation with the osteopath is becoming more and more democratic and is no longer reserved for wealthy people. Indeed, we come to see it these days for different reasons. There is of course the treatment of cervical and dorsal, but also migraines, menstrual pain or large intestinal pathologies. The osteopath is also able to treat all pathologies caused by stress and anxiety. You will be able to limit your medication intake and feel in good shape.

You think that the know-how of an Ostéorive osteopath could be beneficial but you don't dare to make an appointment? Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor about it: he will be a privileged contact to determine whether or not you need it and to what extent.

Osteopathic emergency in Gaillard.

As sciatica never warns in advance: this is why we ensure a permanence concerning theosteopathic emergencies in Gaillard. The Osteorive professional is also able to resolve intense pain caused by Endometriosis, Crohn's disease or back blockages.


He can intervene day or night in order to relieve you in the shortest possible time, without medication. If you think that the osteopathy sessions will not be sufficiently beneficial in your case, the Ostéorive practitioner will refer you to traditional medicine. The same if you find it difficult to trust alternative medicine.

Find the right osteopath in Gaillard

Attention, it is essential to find the right practitioner according to his pathology and his profile (baby, child, adult, athlete or even pregnant woman). Indeed, he will not have the same gestures to treat the pain and the same intensity.


In order to choose the right practitioner, do not hesitate to read the opinions on our Google My Business Osteorive sheet. You will thus have the guarantee of a quality security consultation with recognized professionals.

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