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Osteopath Meyrin

We live in a fast-paced world. Aches and pains are common, injuries happen, and many people suffer from stress and anxiety. For those looking for the best osteopathy services in Meyrin, we offer an exceptional practice, a unique approach and a friendly team, all close to you. Contact ourosteopath Meyrin!

Do not suffer in silence, contact an osteopath in Meyrin

Your body will always try to heal itself. Osteopathy is an effective way to help him find the path to healing. Whether treating acute issues or severe background pain, osteopathy is a great way to relieve any pain your body is feeling. This therapy can help with a wide range of problems and disorders.

The most common problems are in the back, shoulders and neck. However, osteopathy can also help treat arthritis, headaches, postural issues and more. It is also a therapy for all ages. Trust our osteopath in Meyrin to relieve your pain.

Conditions treated with osteopathy

Osteopaths work with their hands on musculoskeletal mechanical problems. It seems to be believed that they only treat the spine, but in fact they treat all the joints, as well as the soft tissues. Your Meyrin osteopath is therefore also able to treat muscles and ligaments.

People sometimes think that osteopathy is a very strong treatment and therefore not suitable for senior citizens. Which is wrong, because osteopathy can be very gentle and the treatment is appropriate to the patient. Our osteopath in Meyrin treats all age groups, as well as pregnant women.

This therapy tends to be associated with joint manipulation. It is very beneficial for some patients, but it is only one tool among others. We use a wide variety of techniques and these can be modified as needed. We deal with, among other things:

  • back and neck pain;

  • muscle tension;

  • stress and tension associated with pregnancy;

  • headaches ;

  • sports injuries;


What to expect from my visit to a Meyrin osteopath?

Our osteopath in Meyrin considers each person as an individual. During your first visit, he will take the time to collect a detailed medical history, including important information about your lifestyle and diet.

He will normally ask you to undress and perform a series of simple movements. This will establish a complete diagnosis and a treatment plan appropriate to your needs. With their hands, your osteopath in Meyrin will identify abnormalities in human structure and function.

It will then facilitate the body's ability to heal itself through various stretching, mobilization and manipulation techniques. By adding exercises and health advice, this professional will help reduce symptoms and improve your health and quality of life. Consult yourosteopath Meyrin!

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