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Your osteopath in Saint-Julien

Like a racing car, the body is a complex mechanism. Like any good machine, it is crucial to maintain your body with care, at the risk of seeing it deteriorate over time.

At Osteo'rive, we demonstrate unfailing professionalism in order to offer you the best osteopathic care in Saint-Julien. Are you looking for an osteopath practice in Switzerland?

Discover the expertise of our specialists, whose informed knowledge of the human body and seriousness are no longer to be proven.

Osteopathy: why and when to consult?

Know that there is no ideal age to be examined by an osteopathic professional. Indeed, our specialists make it a point of honor to adapt their practice and their care to the age of the patients. Thus, we will be particularly careful not to rush seniors, while we will pay special attention to very young children.

There are two main reasons to come and consult our osteopathic practice. First, it is advisable to come and consult our specialists as a preventive measure. Indeed, an osteopathic auscultation generally makes it possible to prevent the ailments that could bother you: correct a posture, change your lifestyle, rectify a nutritional deficiency. Our health professionals have expert advice that will allow you to avoid painful complications.

The second reason that leads our clients to come and consult our osteopathic practice in Saint-Julien, Switzerland, is curative. Whether you are an athlete suffering from pain, a senior affected by osteoarthritis, or an individual suffering from back pain, our staff strives to relieve your suffering by offering you the best osteopathy service in Saint-Julien.

Our Saint-Julien osteopaths to fight MSDs

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are among the most common ailments in the workplace. Indeed, it is estimated that these constitute more than 77% of the pathologies present in our workplaces.

These joint pains linked to bad postures can simply be avoided by implementing work habits that are as healthy as they are ergonomic. As such, Osteo'rive is the preferred partner of companies wishing to prevent MSDs within their structure.

SpineMed technology, a new osteopathic revolution

In order to offer the best possible care to its customers, Osteo'rive is now equipped with SpineMed technology. In case of herniated disc, it is recommended to practice a decompression of the vertebrae, which allows rehydration of the damaged disc. This delicate operation can sometimes have side effects, and the SpineMed decompression technique offers a much gentler approach, using less pressure.

As such, SpineMed decompression is a computer-assisted technique, which drastically limits the risk of error. At Osteo'rive Saint-Julien, we offer a hybrid approach, using both SpineMed technology, while supplementing care with osteopathic follow-up, supervising posture and body rehabilitation.

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